2 black powder pistols F/S ***SOLD***

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    I have 2 black powder cap & ball pistols for sale. Both pistols are brand new, never been fired.

    1) 1858 Remington New Army Revolver. 44 cal, 8" barrel, brass frame, walnut grip. Paid $180.00 for it, am asking $125.00 plus shipping
    Here is a link for a visual on what the gun looks like

    2) 1851 Colt Navy Revolver. 44 cal. 7.5" barrel, steel frame, walnut grip.
    Paid $190.00 for it, am asking $125.00 plus shipping

    I will let both guns for for a package deal of $225.00 plus shipping.

    I understand that black power pistols are a restricted deal in New Jersey, New York, Michigan and North Carolina, so if ya live in these states, sorry but I dont want to deal with the black pajama, jack boots knocking on me door in the middle of the night. And Canada, aint dealing with the import B.S.
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