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2007 KTM 300XC. What do you think its worth/What should I do with it.


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Aug 1, 2017
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So last year I picked up this bike. It was one of those friend deals that was just too damn good to pass up. Part of it was the friend deal and part of it was the guy not thinking about the local market. He wanted it gone and I wasn't about to let anyone else get this bike for that cheap.

The history. I went with my buddy to pick the bike up from the original owner back in like 2017. Like most of us he likes throwing money at his toys. He didn't hold back anything on this bike. 2018 it got a full frame down rebuild for racing hare scrambles. 2019 we moved to Alaska and it has sat ever since. 2020 I picked it up from him and haven't ridden it farther than the mail box a hand full of times. Im more of a hard enduro, tight single track rider. Which this bike is perfect/built for but there isnt much of that that I have found up here in Alaska

The way I add it up this bike has about $6000 of aftermarket parts on it. That doesn't include any wear or internal parts like brakes, bearings, piston, gaskets, labor. That also does not include the fact that its street legal. You can't plate a bike in Alaska. They have to be plated in the lower 48 and then brought up here or come from the factory street legal. I feel like being street legal adds another $1000. It adds at least that much to me if I was going to buy a bike in a pace I can't plate or easly go plate a bike.

What do you think its worth? Obviously you don't get full value for what you pay for aftermarket parts. Its still a 14 year old bike. But the used market is crazy right now. I was thinking of just listing the bike for $6000 and seeing if it has any takers. I don't know if I would want to let It go for much less than that. I paid $3k for it which is what he paid for it originally. It would come with anohter set of wheels and tires, truck ramp, stand, straps, various fluids, and all the other things you need but gear.

Alternately I can just let it sit around like I have been, it doesn't take up much space.

A list of parts I can remember/see

Street legal lights/wire/paperwork $1000
Scotts damper $600
billet triple clamps
Tubliss $200
Baja deigns XL 80 $500
Stegs pegs $150
Clake one light clutch lever $500
boyesen clutch cover $80
Clarke fuel tank $250
FMF Gnarly pipe $250
FMF Turbine core muffler $150
Radiators and guards $500
new bars, grips, this season $100
Chain/sprocket $200
TM Design works Chain sliders $200
Enduro engineering Skid plate $100
Lectron carb $550
Reeds $150
Impact Wheels $500
Shinko cheater/Fat tire $100
Trail tech enduro $100
Ignition map switch $100
fastway foot pegs $150
Guts racing cover/foam $150
Hammerhead Shift leaver $60
tusk brake lever $60
Trail tech kick stand $150

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