2016 LTZ Suburban 4x4 tire swap suggestions?

Discussion in '1992-Present Chevy & GMC models' started by PGG, Jan 16, 2016.

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    Looking for 2016 LTZ Suburban 4x4 taller more aggressive tire swap suggestions? I dont like the look nor the likely traction in light mud or ice with the stock continentals. They look like minivan tires to me. I would like a slightly more aggressive look and a slightly taller (not wider) ride without giving up ride quality. A level kit would be considered. I do rub slightly on the front spoiler or cowling whatever its called when I pull in my driveway unless I am going really slow. I live on a very busy street so getting in and out fast is somewhat of a need.

    I feel about the same as I did when I got my last ride a 2011 Land Cruiser it looks a bit boring to me and like a soccer moms grocery getter that came with a $77K window sticker. I pretty much got every option as I wanted ventilated seats which means you have to get the LTZ even though I dont like the idea of powered rear seats.

    Anyway I am leaning towards replacing the stock continental tires with Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure with Kevlar 265-60-R20s just to give it a little bit of a truck tire look and give me piece of mind if/when I go hog hunting I might not get stuck. Open to suggestions and opinions. Anyone else done anything to a 2015-2016? Below is what I got tire and wheel wise. One very important thing to me is not having any issues ever with rubbing but wouldn't mind if the tire was a bit taller even would prefer a bit taller without needing a lift or any rubbing. I will do a level kit if needed but again dont want to mess with the quality of ride. I think it will look good next to my 1972 Chevy K5 4x4 Blazer [​IMG]. Thanks PG

    Tire, Spare, P265/70R17 Blackwall


    Wheels, 20" x 9" Polished Aluminum
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    Hard to beat the BFG AT KO2's. Have them on a work truck at my job, and they kick ass. Quiet when properly balanced, hard to beat the durability and traction.

    Im on my 2nd set of original KO's on my 91, and the duramax will get a set of larger KO2's as soon as i can afford them.
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    Your picture doesn't work, also we need pics of the burb too!

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