2wd body on a 4wd frame???

Discussion in 'The Body Shop' started by babyburb, Apr 2, 2007.

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    I plan on swapping out the 76 sub body for a mid to late 80s for better interior options. My question is, will a 2wd body fit over a 4wd frame. I think I read that the tranny hump is higher for a 4wd. If so, how much more do I need. I was going to add a 1inch body lift but do I need 2 in for clearance?

    I am also debating on narrowing the front fenders and relocating my winch behind front grill. Anyone have any pics with this set-up. Any advise pros OR cons? Also wondering if narrowing the front fenders is street legal in Texas.
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    Yes you can put a 2wd body on a 4wd frame. I did this with my dads suburban. If you do not change the tranny hump to the 4wd hump, then you'll need a 2" body lift. If you want to see pics of the swap, click the webshots link in my sig. There is 3 full albums of the swap I did :thumb:

    Good luck and post up pics

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