3/4 ton 10-bolt, sm465 and more!!!!

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by fortcollinsram, May 16, 2006.

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    I need to do a little spring cleaning...for sale I have the following...All items in Fort Collins, CO

    -10-bolt front end with 3.73 gears, open carrier, 3/4-ton hubs with freshly turned rotors, Warn standard lockouts. Also has 4 BRAND NEW ball joints that have just been pressed into the knuckles. I haven't even put the knuckles back on the housing yet but I can have the axle completely assembled at your request. Asking $200 OBO

    -Old sm465 was making some bearing noise when removed. Synchros still decent and doesn't have 3rd gear pop-out like many units do. 10-spline short output for mating to 205. Adapter NOT included. Asking $45 OBO

    -2 AX-15 Jeep transmissions. One is a good 2wd unit the other is a fragged 4x4 unit that has been disassembled. I was going to use the 4x4 shafts and the 2wd gears to make a good 4wd tranny for my old XJ I used to have. Sold the Jeep now need to get rid of the trannies. Asking $35 OBO

    -Air pump out of an 87 K5 with a 350 Asking $10 OBO

    -Rear ball-hitch step bumper off a 1971 C10Asking $25 OBO

    More to come... Please e-mail me at highbowtie1987@aol.com or PM me if you have any questions. I will entertain the idea of meeting someone half-way on some of the items.



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