3 Optima yellow tops in 1 month!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stallion85, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I fried my Yellow top in Moab during Blazer Bash when my alternator "voltage reg" went out. It was pissing acid all under the hood!! Luckily it decided to go ca-poot sp :doah: at the end of Pritchett Canyon. I took it back and had it replaced under warranty :rolleyes: told them it wouldn't hold a charge ;)

    I installed a new alternator and had the battery sitting in the tray till today when I went to hook it up. It would not crank over, so I thought maybe something else was wrong. I turned on my ARB compressor and it sounded really weak.

    So I proceeded to jump it with the Dodge and let it charge for about 20 minutes. I turned it off and it would not crank :mad:

    So I yanked that one out and headed back down to the store where they started to look at me suspicously since I had just been there last week.

    I told them I would give them a 3rd try and if it didn't work I would just buy the store brand battery. Well luckily this one fired up the engine with no problems :D


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