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    80's 350 4 bolt main block (std.) needs bored
    4 bbl heads,,,,, 8 rods,,,
    crank turned 10 mains/20 rods and micropolished
    1 ARP main bearing stud kit (windage tray type) (new)
    1 set brass freeze plugs.(new)

    This motor was running fine when we removed it from our fleet.
    I tore it down with the intention of building it up. I bought a 454 crate engine and lost interest in the small block,,nothing has been done to the heads or block.
    The rods have been pressed from the pistons,and I had the crank turned and polished. I'll throw in any other parts,,brackets, starter and pulleys I have laying around for this small block.

    400.00 takes it all. There's almost that much in the freeze plugs,,stud kit and crank work

    you pick up in Houston
    or pay for the ride.

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