350 TBI for sale in new mexico, also 89 blazer

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    Hey guys

    I have a 350 TBI from my blazer for sale. It is currently in the truck and running. It was "professionally rebuilt" 64000 miles ago acording to the previous owner. Doesn't smoke, but i have noticed i need to add just under1 qt every at about the 2000 mile point between the normal 3000 mile oil changes.

    It starts right up and runs well. After it has been sitting for a while, it may take about 2-3 seccond for one of the lifters to pump up, so theres a little tick during that short time.

    Other then that, i know of no other issues. I can take pics or whatever you want for yah.

    The reason im selling is because i lost a drive shaft at 75 which broke the transfercase and transmission. planning on a 6.2td, LT1, 5.3 or 6.0l swap.

    The blazer is also for sale As-is... LINK

    Pics here www.cardomain.com/id/camarossguy2
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