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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blazin_blazer, Aug 21, 2005.

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    what all is needed to covert from the turbo 350 to the sm465? my friend has done it once and he said the input shaft on the 205 transfer is different between an auto and standard..

    .so now he keeps an auto bolted up to a 205 and a standard still mated to a 205 hes all the time swapping from an auto to a standard ...dont ask me why but he keeps 1 of both.

    i want to deep 6 the auto and go with a sm465 and me and him aren't on real good talking terms rite now, as i had a guy give me a 402 out of a truck and he went and pulled it out before i could because my dad was in hospital..and he's really more than a friend he's my cousin...a friend wouldn't have done that, only family will stab you in the back like that! or thats been my experience..he has like 6 big blocks and won't sell me 1 but gave 1 to another of my cousins that wheels with him so i've washed my hands of him!

    i want to put a newer model in my truck so i can have the hydralic clutch. i think '85 was first year of them..i know they are aluminum bell housings...but is it true the auto and standard have diferent input shafts? and different adaptors also?

    would i be better off finding a sm465 mated to a 205 already? these are extremly hard to find down here in mud country! i have an "80 model 205 with an auto in front of it. and i'm kind of torn between the slip joint on back of transfer or in the middle of the drive shaft. what are the pro's and con's between the 2? i'm going extremly high lift and figure it would be better with long slip in drive shaft.

    i have a 1952 powerwagon with a divorced transfercase but not sure what it is. could i use it and get a 2wd standard out of like a bob truck and get the newer bell housing. i would have to figure out how to rig up the twin sticks that change the transfercase also. but would i gain anything by going this route? can any 1 tell me what transfer that is in the 52 power wagon?

    what is the parts list to put a standard in front of an auto equiped transfer.
    or would it be simpler to find an older one with splines in drive shaft. or would i have a better unit out of the power wagon with a bob truck type tranny.

    i actually thought abought putting the 52 power wagon axel under my blazer as they are huge u-joints and axels(1 1/4 ton on tag)but diffs arent any bigger than a d60. and i'm sure the have a super low gear ratio. but they have drums all around.

    i'm not to far from memphis equipment stacey david has been talking about on trucks maybe they would have discs, for the front at least. they have extremly old lock outs with the word allstate across the piece you turn, and made by sears and roebuck & co. around the outer edge. fabrication is no problem. i would have to get special rims as they are 9.00-16 with a huge 6 lug pattern i've told you whats at my disposal what do you think would be my best choice and the pro's and cons. thanks 4 any replies in advance

    btw when i mean high lift thats what i mean 15"to 17" i wont to run the new 49" irock or possibly the 53" michelins...i'm in the mississippi river delta flat with the worst mud you have ever seen like it has glue mixed in it..i knew this would be a contributing factor so i thought i would mention it. thanx

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