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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dheavychevy38, Jan 9, 2006.

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    Ok i have a couple of q's about a 465.

    1. The shifter spins around that should be the pin in the houseing right?

    2. When i swap the trans out my speedo is elec on my 91 jimmy now the trans that is going in has a 205 with mechanical behind it is their a kit for this.

    Thanks Denny
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    Dunno whats out there, but you need a 40 pulse VSS sender to fix the problem. jagsthatrun.com MIGHT make something for this, unsure.

    I'm told all NP205's use the same output shaft (although I think some early ones had the speedometer gear drive teeth machined in, not a separate piece) so your options in stock are to find a '90-91 GM 205, or get the reluctor ring and sensor from a '90-91 and replace the speedometer drive gear and tap the output shaft housing for the sensor. GM has discoed pretty much anything to do with the 205 that you'd need to do this swap with '90-91 parts.

    I have not had to try this yet, so the potential for the info I received being wrong is possible, but I will eventually have to pull my '91 205 output shaft out and compare with the mid-70's 205 I have, since my '91 output is bad. You'd have to compare a parts manual from say a late 70's truck with the '90-91 parts manual to see if the shafts stayed the same. Even then I suppose the part number could be the same with minor changes??

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