500 Caddy

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    for sale Bare 500 block- Magnafluxed,bored .030 over, honed for cast iron rings.
    crank, mains - .020 over, rod-.010 over. perfectly straight not bent, I had it all zeroed!
    Heads are bare, needs new valves, new guides allready installed, and 3 angle valve grind alreay done too. mounting surface is decked/ resurfaced.
    Con rods need to be checked and cleaned but look OK,
    I have all the parts that came on this thing it was complete when I got it. All you need is new pistons, rings,valves, bolt set. a bearing kit, and a gasket kit and walla
    513 CID of pure heaven!

    It all goes together! please don't ask to seperate any of the parts I need to sell so I can finish my build.
    I have $300 into the original purchase and at least another grand into machine work, into this thing, so I'm thinkin if I can get a grand-- (1000.00) for it all then it's yours oh yeah don't forget about shipping! I am willing to palletize it all and get it gone!

    Also I have a hard top for the blazer and both doors I'll throw in for nothing, just come and buy it all! PM me!!!

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