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    Well i got it figured out what parts i would use if i rebuild the 454, and i figure i would dump a couple grand into it, and be getting 7-8 mpg.

    Now what about diesel, sure its 30-50 cents more per gallon but u get double the mileage of a gas motor.
    I know the 6.2 doesnt have much power and is pretty slow, but my truck isnt gonna be fast at all lol, and i would rather have a low rpm motor rather than a 6-7000 rpm screamer.

    How much do the 6.2's go for price wise and how much power can u get out of them without spending tons of cash, if im gonna spend a ton of cash i will just get a cummins.

    And are the 6.5's any better than the 6.2, how much power do they have?

    Im thinking i might go diesel for the fuel economy- not gonna be my dd but still wanna get a few hundred mpg out of the 40 gallons of fuel lol.
    And of course the sound of a diesel with the big stacks, now thats cool.

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    try to think of total cost vs. mpg. How much will you drive it and how will you drive it. I don't know if you'll get double the mileage from a 6.2 than a 454. I think the 454 will outperform the 6.2 also. Looks like you just maybe want to go diesel? Converting from gas to diesel will take a good investment alone without the engine cost.

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