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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ARTIC, Dec 21, 2004.

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    After reading some posts about 6.2 diesel that won't start,with good batt and lot of spin rate on the starter,glow plugs ok,this can be frushtrateing!!so after owning one for over 8 years,you learn a little about them.had just that prob with mine,just took a lot of cranking to start.it turned out to be a fule prob,theres a check valve in the injector pump that holds a head of fule pres in the injector pump,just for starting,when it leeks back in to the fule system past the check valve you loose that head of press for starting.it only happins when the eng has sat for about 5 or 6 hours or more, or over night!so the first thing i did was change the machanical fule pump(lift pump) this did not fix the prob,still had to crank it a lot to start.i needed to per load the injector pump with fule with out cranking my starter.heres the fix,you get and inline 12v ele fule pump,and put it inline on the fule line that goes to your injector pump,hook the hot wire from the inline pump with a 2amp fuse to the load side of your glowplug realy,so when your glowplugs cycle (your eng is cold) it primes your injector pump. this was and easy fix for me and it work well up un till the head gasket went last week,know its parked.-remember to vote below
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    This would probably be better suited for the diesel forum.. Hopefully some of those guys and tRusty will see your post here though! :thumb:

    Bump for ya!
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    E-town baby!
    The older lift pumps were prone to 'drain back'. A lot of guys run a 12 volt electric pump here too. I ordered a lift pump for an 89 and haven't had a problem even with my truck sitting upwards of a month between starts sometimes. The lift pumps were improved in design by 89.

    Where in BC are you?

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    I have one too

    My 82 K20 had an electric fuel pump,so I hooked it up when I switched to a single tank from dual tanks(the previous owner must have been a relative of Rube Golberg--he had tee fittings,manual shut off valves,and about 30 splices and hose clamps between the 2 tanks and the main fuel line to the injection pump!)--I cut off all that crap and disconnected the drivers side tank because it leaks,I dont go far and dont need 2 tanks--and the butcher cut the factory dual tank switches out,both on the dash and under the cab,so I just ran new fuel line to the passenger side tank,and put an inline fuel filter and the electric fuel pump inline to the main fuel line that goes to the injector pump--I have it hooked up to a toggle switch under the dash so I can shut it off if nessasary--it starts very well with this setup,and since the motor seems to run stronger and smoother with the pump running,I leave it on all the time its running(hope its not hurting anything by doing this!:blush: )--the only thing I'm worried about is the fact I do a lot of fairly short trips,and I have a manual glow plug setup,and I'm afraid the glow plugs(AC G60)might burn out sooner than normal due to me using them so often--seems like I have to leave them on longer than it should take to get it started sometimes--but maybe its because my batteries arent new,and the truck sits a lot sometimes--I suppose low voltage== longer time needed for them to get hot??...:crazy:

    It was below zero here last night--its about 15 degrees now--I guess today will be the "stress test" for the batteries and the glow plugs!(and I havent had to plug in the block heater to start it so far since I owned it)....:p:

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