6.2 surging diesel

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by doctor4x4, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Would some one please link this to the people that are having problems
    in the 6.2 forum as i cant post there as i am not a full member wich is one of the reasons i dont subcribe anymore as I have seen this site go from trying to help people to all about the $$$ but that's a whole outher post

    I recomend to move the Trans shifter lever just a little to see if that fixs the problem when it strats surging- pulsing
    I know it sounds Crazy but it fixes my problem when i do it to mine
    And im sure its all abouthte netural safty switch at the bottom of the colum
    a few outher ?? do you have a manuel fuel pump or a electric ??
    and do you have a any outher self installed switches or after market wiring ??
    and were is your power for the cab coming from ?? Direct from battery or the block on the fire wall ??
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    Randy, no offense...but I honestly feel this site is a value at $25 a year. I'm sorry you disagree (apparently) This site costs money to run, which comes out of Steve's pocket. I doubt Steve expects to eat your food or drive your truck for free (endlessly) so why should Steve supply this site to you and others for free when it costs him money? The membership money is not some cash cow, but rather a way of keeping this site solvent and sustainable. The benefit far outweighs the cost for members.

    We've had some good dealings in the past, so I'm rather surprised to see you ask that 'someone' circumvent the site rules for you. Please feel free to participate in the garage and help all you want, but please try and stay within the site rules (or pony up and come play in the diesel forum...we miss you sweetie :D )


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