6.2L Diesel won't start..

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    I've got some serious problems here.. If I don't get my truck started I might be forced to get rid of it. I was told by my apartment complex that all vehicles have to be running or you have to get rid of them.

    Here's the facts..

    -I have had this vehicle sitting for about 2 years.
    -The last time I was driving it I was having trouble with the batteries not holding a charge.. had this problem through several new sets of batteries.
    -While my truck was sitting someone broke into it and stole the stereo AND ALARM. May have cut out other wires in the process because my vehicle was vandalized as well.

    Here's what it's doing..

    Turn the key and the glow plugs go on seems weak to me... then it seems like they don't go off... and the starter isn't turning over.. it also seems that the glow plug dash light isn't going on like it used to.
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