63" rears some more

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by CyberSniper, Oct 5, 2004.

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    63\" rears some more

    63" rears...
    Can you guys state exactly what you did and pictures if you have them?

    From what I can gather most people move the rear hangers back 6" and the front hangers forward 3.5".

    I have the benefit of not caring where the front hangers go because my body mounts are inboard of the frame. I also have the benefit of not caring whether the tire is centered in the wheelwell or not because I have no wheelwells.

    Upon inspection, the furthest you want to move the rear spring hangers is back 6" or you start getting into the weak part of the frame and getting close to the rear crossmember.

    You also don't want to move the axle any more rearward than 4.5" or the differential case starts getting mighty close to the gas tank.

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    Re: 63\" rears some more

    I just finished this swap last week, maybe this will be helpful to you.
    I moved the shackle mount back 8", left the spring hanger in the stock location, used 6 1/2" shackles and ORD shackle flip mounted left on right, right on left. This resulted in an 18 degree shackle angle.(I believe 15 is optimum).All of this made more fun by the fact that I bobbed the frame a few years ago and had to re-extend it for the new shackle mounts.
    I have a fuel cell and built my own rear cross member when I bobbed the frame, I moved the axle back 5 1/2" and re-centered the wheelwells at the new axle location.
    Hope this helps,


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