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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by digity, Apr 19, 2005.

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    OK, heres the deal. My tranny shifts fine no leaks but always seems to be a little low on fluid when I check it. It's a 90jimmy stock 10bolts with 33" tires. Is this little diff. in tire size with stock gears enough to run my tranny hot. I'm now looking into a atf cooler hoping it will resolve my problem. What do you guys think. Or has damage already been done to tranny. I have driven it hard and noticed a slight burning smell to fluid when checking?
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    If fluid is dissappearing with no obvious leaks look at the tcase. Is your tcase leaking oil?

    If it isn't then pull the fill plug on the tcase and see if it is overfilled. If the tcase is overfilled the fluid is running threw the back of the tcase into the adapter and threw a leaky input gear seal on the tcase.

    when you pull the tcase fill plug make sure you are out of the way otherwise you might end up with an ATF shower.

    If you have pulled the tcase out recently you may just be loosing fluid into the adapter which is pretty normal. It will stop loosing fluid as soon as the adapter is filled up to the normal level.


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