700r4 questions, currently rebuilding...kinda

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by camarossguy2, Jun 30, 2006.

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    My membership just expired at a perfect time :doah:

    So since a i cant search.....

    Couple questions
    Im almost done disasembling my 700r4
    Only thing left is the tailshaft/rear most planatary gear setup...
    How do you get that out? Nothing seems to be holding it in, and i have tried a rubbed mallet on the output shaft, still doesn't wanna come out??

    Next question...

    I had a drive shaft let go at 75mph on a cross country trip in the middle of nowhere OK,
    There was perttey much nothing left of the transfercase, and the transmission housing is broken in about 4 places. (totalally severed it at the behousing and at the 4x4 tailmount, but main case where the guts are is fine)
    Question is, can i just get a core and shove off my crap in there? I just had it rebuilt maybe 2000 miles before....that the only reason im considering this.
    So far, everything looks fine.

    Any good guides out there?


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