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    I have read pages and pages of text here and either can't find my specific answers or the links are old and dead. :doah:

    I have a 1974 3/4 ton longbed. Currently has a 454 with a TH350/203.

    I picked up a 700R4/208 combo from an 85 longbed that had a 350cid motor.

    I really want the deeper first and OD. Had planned on waiting on the swap but there is a guy with cash in hand that wants my TH350/203.

    Here are the questions:

    -Will the torque converter in the 700R4 work fine with my 454? (came from a 350) No idea what the stall speed is.

    -Is there a cheap set up to get the TV working(stock parts) or is it best to run the $80 kit from bowtie overdrives?

    -Is there wiring info somewhere for the lockup TC or is the $109 kit from bowtie overdrive the best set up?

    -How do I hook a speedo to this thing?(I honestly did not look but think it is electric)

    -Anyone made a 203 shifter work on a 208? How?

    -Anything else I need to know before I yank out my perfectly good TH350 and make my truck into a planter?
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    I would rebuild the 700r4 with good parts b4 the install behind the 454. What year tranny though?
    On the TV hook-up go to the junkyard and get some brackets from trucks with overdrive in them.
    Not sure on the speedo. Might find an older 208 with a cable speedo at the junkyard still in the truck.

    Most of the hook-up parts you can find at the junkyard. And save some $.

    I didn't know 85 trucks had an electronic speedo.

    I got the parts for my 69 camaro to run the 700r4 and was happy with results. I think I spent a total of $15 for everything. I even had to convert to cable speedo, But I had another tranny that had the cable on it. I know the speedo is in the x-fer case and not the tranny, but same situation.

    The converter should bolt up.

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