700R4 to manual swap in an 88'

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    700R4 to manual swap in an 88\'

    My 700R4 in my 88' blazer has about 140K miles on it and the previous owner used it a lot for towing an RV so it's approaching near death not to mention it leaks like a mofo. My question is, do I need a new computer chip since I will no longer have an automatic and will I need a new tranny hump or can the old one be modified or is there already a provision for a manual shifter? What about throttle linkage, will that need to be modified? I would assume not and that I'd only have to yank out TV/detent cable. The blazer also has cruise on it so will I be able to keep my cruise control or will that need to be modified as well to work correctly? Any other suggetions welcome. Thanks in advance.

    -I'll be out of town for the next week so I won't be able to reply til Aug 1.
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    Re: 700R4 to manual swap in an 88\'

    You should get a new computer chip.

    I'm sure it would run ok, but it won't be optimal. There are things in the programming to compensate for the differences in the transmissions, and getting rid of those typically makes driving the vehicle more fun.

    Shouldn't have to mess with the trans tunnel, I didn't on my '86 and it was a 700R4 truck originally. Floor is already dimpled for the shifter. Wait on a hydraulic clutch setup, since your firewall is designed for it and it is superior to the mechanical setup. You've got to cut holes for the mechanical in the floorpan, so even if you got hydraulic later you'd have to fix that.

    Throttle linkage and cruise will be fine. Your truck I'm pretty sure still uses the seperate cruise module, so it's seperate from the ECM.

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