700R4 to NV4500 in my '84

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    700R4 to NV4500 in my \'84

    Okay, my 700R4 decided it wanted to quit shifting into 2nd and 4th gears. I really hated this tranny anyway and don't want to rebuild it, it is followed by a 208 trans case, which I'm told will bolt up with the same adapter to a 4500. I would like to put in the New Venture 4500 from an early '90s pick-up. What I am wondering is how difficult is this, how much cost wise (except the cost fo the tranny) will it be, etc...? I do have a pretty good general mechanical knowledge and understand automotive fairly well but have never attepted or seen anyone else attept to put a clutch in an automatic equipped vehicle. That's the part that will get me. Should I just get a donor assembly from the junk yard? Any other pertenent info. that would be helpful I would appriecate. Thanks fellas---and the few ladies around here. I appreicate it.

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