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    Its time to fix up my old 72 GMC and get it back on the road again, I am seeking
    advice from others experiences I am looking for the best prices and hoping to
    avoid the scammers and making common mistakes people make when restoring
    a truck like mine, this is not a project truck like you see on TV where people
    throw thousands of dollars into it, I want to bring the mechanical end up to
    snuff then start fixing up the body....

    A brief history on this truck, my dad bought it in 1978 from the original owner,
    it was owned by a guy that had a gas station/automotive repair shop, it
    came from the dealer with a snow plow on it and was used to plow snow
    in the winter, not commercially but it seen alot of use, the snow plow is long
    gone... Its a 3/4 ton 4x4, has factory a/c tach, cloth seat (bad shape) it had
    all the chrome trim and was originally green and white, my dad added a
    tilt wheel from a 72 Blazer, mom gave me the truck when my dad passed away
    I havent driven it very much but that is going to change, the original engine had
    about 90k miles and needed rebuilt so I built up a SB 400 as a replacement,
    the factory TH350 trans started leaking oil into the transfer case so I did the
    700R4 swap in hopes of squeezing another 2-3 mpg out of the truck and
    so it would cruse nicely at 70-75 mph with the 4:10 gears.

    I am currently going to do a engine swap, the current engine is a SB 400 bored
    .030 over 9.5:1 flat tops crane HMV 272 cam bla bla bla, it averages 6-8 mpg with todays gas prices its time to swap it out for
    a stock 350 I already have, its left over from my 86 Suburban part
    out., the 400 is fun to drive but really dont need the extra power,
    I am looking to get the mpg up in the 12-14 mpg range,
    I already installed a 700R4 trans and transfer case out of a 87 Suburban.

    After I do the engine swap next on the list is to replace is the
    suspension, it needs shocks and all new bushings so my thoughts are
    while I am into the suspension I will go ahead and upgrade to all new
    springs by getting a 4" 'soft ride' lift kit, new springs, shocks, bushings
    U bolts the works.

    Other things on the list are as follows

    Rust free 8' bed.

    Rubber floor mat (I hate carpet)

    New exhaust , I need suggestions on what works well and is durable

    Convert the a/c to 134a freon, anybody have tips on this? I have
    converted newer systems nothing this old...

    New rear drive shaft or at least get the current one balanced after 700R4 swap.

    Here is a page I started last year when I did the trans and transfer case swap.

    So now you have a idea what I want to do any help suggestions links
    would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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    just want to give you a heads up that you're not going to get many (if any) replies to this question. i don't intend to be rude, but just about everything you talk about doing has been discussed over and over again on this site in great detail, including places to get things, how to do it, cost effectiveness, etc. your best bet is to just start researching.

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    Get some shorter gears, that'll definately help that gas mileage. 3.73's might be a good tradeoff between cruising RPM's and off the line power.
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    Anybody else?
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