72 rusted windsheild frame repair

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 72k5chicago, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Jun 1, 2005
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    Has anyone ever heard of "backfilling" the entire inside of a rust damaged windsheild frame? I have been thinking of cutting away all the rust damaged metal around windsheild frame, and filling it with fiberglass. Living in the midwest has proven to be very difficult for finding older k5 metal. Any input on this restoration would be greatly appreciated.
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    use "tiger hair"...

    Thats a common dilema here in the northeast too--many glass shops around here will use fiberglass "long strand" body filler like "Tiger Hair" to fill in deep holes in the windsheild frames,or fiberglass resin and cloth or mat--but they wont gaurantee the windsheild wont leak or crack due to the fiberglass lacking the structural strenth of metal..some shops use "All Metal" Aluminum auto body filler too..I think "Marson" brand makes it...dont be tempted to use that "foam" insulation spray stuff--it traps water and makes it rot 10 times faster!..plus it has hardly any strength..

    Of course the "best" way is to chop out the rust and weld in new metal,either pirated from a donor truck,or handmade if no alternative...but thats out of the reach of many of us who dont have mig welders and the time to do it...
    My 82 K20 has rot in the roof,from behind the weatherstrip overhead in the door area ,to beyond the rain gutter areas,and it appears a tree hit the roof,they put an inch of bondo on it,and it looks like a volcano ready to erupt,all cracked!--

    Even though I had a "good" roof on my 74 K20 just scrapped,I did not bother to chop out the sections and use them to fix the 82--I dont know if I'm just stupid,or getting lazier in my old age,but I just didn't feel it was worth all that effort,when I can trowel on some "Tiger Hair" and sand it down and call it done!--it will likely last as long as metal would here(maybe longer)--or at least long enough so I dont own it anymore!.. :crazy:

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