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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by skelly1, Oct 9, 2005.

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    Not sure why I just thought of this but I need some opinions here. My late grandfather bought "old red" a 75 3/4 ton Chevy 2wd new. My dad bought it from him way back when, maybe around 1980 or so. My dad's been driving it since for just hauling stuff and it actually runs good, despite the fact that it's been blowing blue smoke since I can remember. I was born in 73 so it's been in the family since I was 2. I've even worked on it when I used to work for my dad at the garage way back when. Anyways, it's a stout old truck, even pulls the old man's 26 foot livesay boat that weighs around 10K lbs. Still. My dad just bought an 05 Chevy with the duramax, so old red's gonna have a new fate soon. I've got axles/wheels/and everything else except a transfer case to make it a 4X. I'm short on time right now due to work and 3 kids and a wife that bounces off the walls. Since old red's got cancer and has for years, is it worth it to park it in my yard and wait another 10 years until I've got the time to make it a 4X? I've got the room in the yard and all, just not sure about the nostalgia of the family heirloom stuff and all. I mean, hell, old red's probably only worth a thousand bucks on a good day, but my grandfather bought it new. Not sure what I want to do here, tell my old man I want it to live in my yard or tell him to get rid of it. He's getting my 7 year old boxer for his shop dog soon, so I've got bargaining right now.
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    IMO, you'd prolly be happiest in the long term if you kept Ol' Red 2wd and used it for a tow rig. You could do some resto on it so rust doesn't destroy it and maybe rebuild the engine so its not an environmental disaster but why not keep it for a tow rig? Does your dad let you borrow the Duramax for free or something? lol! ;)

    With all the junk you have going on I doubt you'd be able to get a full 4wd + body resto project done in anything less than a decade. Really wanna wait that long? I know I wouldn't! I have zero kids and a very calm wife and I wouldn't wanna tackle that project...


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