76 Truck Bed Swap

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    I just got a 76 1/2 ton Chevy truck with a step side bed. I want to switch it out to a regular short bed. Anybody know what all I am going to have to do to accomplish this? Also, what year beds will work?
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    73-87 beds will work. and unbolt and bolt new one on. possible hole or 2 will need to be poped in frame. and bumper change might be needed if you have the non truck style step bumper. also get the lights and wiring for the lights on the box end of it. the wiring plug changed around 83-85 i think. might need to grab filler tube also from doner truck for gas tank filing. and look for a box with the filler on the side you need.

    if you cant find the box with the filler side you need no biggy. same brackets and tank left to right side of the frame. just need the left or right sender for tank. and if going from right to left need to lengthen the lines over to the left.

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