78' 400 Cheyenne for sale

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by 78cheyenne400, Jun 10, 2004.

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    78\' 400 Cheyenne for sale

    After seeing this community, I wonder if not having a vehicle able to climb will change my fricken life. Utilitarianism is not a word so much as a function.

    I am selling my 78' Blazer. This is rather lame actually, for me to follow through with getting monies for such a piece of family and all that, makes me wonder about gas prices origins? Frigg, Fruck, Forgle.

    You can see the pics at e-bay.


    I know it might be kewl to grab the rig. You guys, AND girls up north, know the 400cui alone is worth the asking price. The beast has been well maintained, new brakes, lubed wheels bearings, all the stuff in the e-bay listing. I don't even fricken know what to drive now.

    Gimmee some feedback on that, anybody.

    I will only accept a Chevy individual for the buying.
    Please, someone Chevy grab this thing.
    Can I say anything more Chevrolet?
    To bad I did'nt find you guys sooner.
    Blazer !... that feels better

    Paul frontdoor

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