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    some of you may know i have a 79 gmc suburban 3/4 ton. im not a registered memeber yet, but i will be soon!
    Anyway, i recently got my suburban running and ive been putting around in it. Currently it has a 350, 6 inch superlift with blocks (ew), quad shocks all the way around, and 35 inch BFG muds, and 3:73 gears. no sway bar

    Yesterday i acutaly went for my first litttle wheeling trip, which consisted of a trail in the powerlines wiht some pretty squishey mud..and lots of holes and ruts, but nothing crazy. just your basic soupy hole. i had the truck filled wiht about 9 people, so it rode better then usual. Anyway after going throught the mud a few times and getting sorta stuck once, i was rather dissapointed. i was goin easy on the skinny pedal, but i had to step on it to keep from getting stuck, cuz my tires are very wore down, and in the dips it rides awful i thought. the back end rides like a tractor, and the front end bottomed out and rubs some. its so bouncy that even goin slow the front end bouced of the ground comming out of a small rut, and my battery flew out...and oh my goodness.

    the truck is a beast..but i think it needs some improvements. What do you guys recoment i do..that wont cost me a fortune, to get a smoother ride. 35's seem like a good size for now, and maybe in the future i can convince my dad to let me take the saw to the front fenders to stop the rubbing.

    Im just overwhelmed at all the options for lift. The body mounts are all crap, but the best cure for that seems to be to just replace them wiht nice rubber ones. now for the springs, im thinking shackleflip, with a 3 inch lift spring in the rear, or 2 inch and zero rate?

    For the front a 6 inch spring with a better spring rate than those junkey superlift ones seems to be the answer. as for shocks...the ones on the truck now suck. Am i correct in thinking 4 good nitrogen shocks would be better then 8 crappy oil ones? those new pro comps wiht the 6 way adjustable nob seem nice.

    Sorry for such a long post, but i am just overwhelmed at all the options i have, and also dissapointed at the poor suspention performance. I was watching the kids in stockish cherokees just fly through the mud.....if i try that...i would litterly by flying becuze my truck would bounce to the moon. :mad:

    Do you think too much air in the tires would have alot to do wiht the terrible ride? My dad has about 32psi in them now..but i think thats too much.
    thanks a lot

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