83 Crew cab 1 ton dully 454 th400

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by mudhound72, Aug 14, 2006.

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    I picked this up for a tow rig, but a buddy is selling his Dodge now and I want that insted. It is a 83 1 ton crew cab dully, the body is in nice shape, the floor is solid rockers have a few holes nothing severe, the box is also in good shape the inside is solid ( i have removed the topper and the bed lined and put a nicer topper on sence) the one dully flar looks like a$$ cause the po must have tryed to patch a hole and gobbed the filler on, just needs to be sanded and painted. It runs and drives I drove this about 10 mi with no problems but that is it. The tires are in good shape with 70%+ tred but when i drove it it feals like there might be one out of ballence, also the breaks are hydro boost and do stop on a dime. Any ?? ask. 1200 OBO

    83 Dully 001.jpg

    83 Dully 004.jpg

    83 Dully 005.jpg

    83 Dully 016.jpg

    83 Dully 007.jpg
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    That would make one heck of a tow rig. Good luck with the sale, that's a great price too.


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