'83 K5, wiper module questions?

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    \'83 K5, wiper module questions?

    Hi guys
    My truck is finally running, and I'm getting more concerned now with getting some of the little bugs worked out now that the big ones (engine running/starting reliably and transmission) are now resolved.

    So, the truck has a factory switch, factory module for the windshield wipers, but under the hood the PO wired it so

    purple firewall --> purple motor
    blue firewall-->blue motor
    yellow firewall --> on/off switch on dash-->yellow motor

    With the switch on, turning the dial or changing switch positions does nothing for the speed of the motor, I assume that the module then burnt out in the "on" position, so my questions are as follows:
    1) can you test the module with a standard DMM? Dash switch?
    2) How much to replace either at the local parts store (O'reilly's/napa/carquest)?
    3) anybody got a descent pinout/diagram? The chiltons has next to nothing.

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