84 C10 LWB for sale

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by 79silverado, Nov 14, 2004.

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    Getting rid of my old yard truck. Dk Brown 2wd Custom Deluxe, body is long fleetside bed and has dings and rust spots throughout. Engine is 250 inline 6 with integrated head and HEI. Complete new fuel system (20 gallon tank, sending unit, etc) last year ($500+). Tune up about 2k miles ago with splitfire plugs, upgraded wires, PCV, breathers and air filter etc. Was originally my highway truck, basically been parked and yard-used for about a year now. Drove it around town this weekend, leaking some antifreeze somewhere on passanger side. Has good brakes, newer exhaust, had changed some front suspension parts and an alignment done not long before it was parked so all thats ok. I do have some spare parts I had bought and never needed, new in boxes: oil pump, fuel pump, thermostat, valvecover gasket, etc that can go with it. Good for yard use or whatever. Probably spent about $2000 on this thing in the last 2 years.

    I'll sell it for the tax money I'd get back with a writeoff: $500 (firm) without the rims and tires, or $750 with new (under 2k miles) tires, p235/75/r15 Geolander ATs on the rear, and same size generic (I think kirkland) up front on stock painted rims.

    Truck is currently up in chicopee massachusetts. Anyone interested let me know....

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