87 K5 F/S South Carolina

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    1987 K5 Blazer TBI 350 For Sale $4,250 OBO Also For sale Locally

    Location: Greenville South Carolina.

    General: This is not something to buy if you plan to restore it. Has been wheeled has body damage. (Don't worry the chicks dig it!!) Has been sitting for approximately one year give or take a month or two. It runs and drives but will need to be towed if purchased due to lack of interior.:wink1: Ah but wait there is an uninstalled interior included- Two Redart Suspension Bucket seats w/sliders And a Beard Suspension Bench Seat.

    Lift: On it is a 6 inch. Skyjacker system with rear blocks add a leafs. but included with purchase will be a rear DIY4X shackle flip kit BRAND NEW, and some 52's for the front along with Some Off Road Design 1" Zero rates (both the 52's and zero's are used but in good condition.).

    Wheels/Tires: Brand New (Less Than 200 miles on em' baby:eek1: ) 38in. TSL's on Some good looking (when polished) Mickey Thompson Classic KNOCKOFFS(namebrand escapes me right now).

    Other stuff: Warn 12,000 lb. winch No line on it have old cable somewhere. New stainless braided brake line's front installed rear not. Stock 10bolts have 4.56 gears in em' Have a brand new Simpson 5-point racing harness.

    Custom: Fenders have been trimmed and i think i did a dadgum good job had people think it was stock:wink1: also have currently in garage but included custom Front and rear tube bumpers Made by Brian Simpson Of the now out of business Simpson Offroad. I know i'm forgetting stuff but it's late oh...I even a Carfax vehicle History report on the thing:D . anyway i'm tired and will hopefully be leaving for Police Acadamy in a few weeks and AM leaving for Bristol to see the race in the A.M. so I WILL CHECK BACK PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME:bow: will get picks up somehow if it kills me but i'm having problems right now:confused:


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