88 Blazer, good for "truggy" project.

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by bablazer73, Jun 3, 2006.

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    I need to sell my 88 blazer...SOON. I need to pay pete for the dump truck I already got from him.
    No nose clip, radiater and stuff still attached. 25-30K rebuilt 350. complete with GOOD working T.B.I system. 20K rebuilt 700R4. never been opened (by me) 208 T-case. works fine. 31x50 Mud terrains on steel wheels. 10 bolts front/rear with 2.73's. Gov loc rear. Rear has a couple teeth broken on pinion gear. BUT they don't make any noise!!Have another set of 2.73 gears for it. top is gone, no doors.
    The truck is still complete enough to run/drive if you support the rad. I sold the nose to a buddy of mine, but he didn't use the rad support. I think I can still get it back.

    The floors are rotted pretty good. This was my daily driver/plow truck, but the floors got to bad to drive anymore.

    I was trying to part it out, but don't seem to be able to sell the major componants.
    Need it to go SOON. it's in my garage.
    This would be ideal for somebody who wants to build a truggy.
    $800 or offers!!
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