'88 Blazer in Denver area - $4,500

Discussion in 'Complete Vehicles' started by blackoaktree, Nov 5, 2005.

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    1988 K5 Chevy Blazer
    I'd drive this truck forever, except my garage is too small for all the toys, and because my insurance rates are a little high right now to carry coverage on everything. So this thing just sits in the garage unregistered and uninsured. :(

    Fuel injected, 383 Stroker, with a 4 bolt main (~10,000 miles on this) with the MSD box, coil, and wires. New starter, TBI spacer, battery.
    700 R4 tranny with about 50 miles and a 3/30,000 warranty
    14 bolt rear axles
    Heavy Duty Dana 44 (eight bolt) front axle Warn premium hubs
    4:10 gears and lockers in bolt axles.
    NP 208 t-case
    Custom rear driveshaft
    6" Superlift all spring lift
    35" BFG AT/KO's with about 50% wear
    ORD cross over steering kit
    AGR pump, gear box, and hydraulics for the steering.
    A fresh coat, inside and out of Rustoleum flat black, industrial enamal. Not a rattle can job either. I did the full primer and paint with a spray gun.
    The inside and bottom half of the outside have been Herculined.
    The inside is pretty clean, but the top of the dash is in poor shape, go figure.
    Cloth seats are in great shape, and just steam cleaned.
    Pioneer stereo, cobra CB, and Tuffy locking console. Not installed but included.
    Roll cage
    The thing runs well and has never had an issue with emissions, getting stuck, reliability, etc.

    The bad stuff... (which is the stuff I'm too lazy to fix, but might if I get a free weekend)

    The windshield is cracked, but doesn't impeded the view.

    The t-case leaks a little bit. But if you spent an hour pulling it out, and resealing the two halfs, it would be fine again. I will however include a working NP205. I had plans to do a doubler or mate that to a Klune-V. So there's your next project.

    The muffler is not installed, but I have a brand new one to put on.

    The reservoir for the P/S pump leaks a little. I think it just needs a new return line or o-ring. It doesn't affect the operation of the steering.

    The valve cover leaked when I put this thing back together so the engine got a little greasy. It's sealed up now

    I'm sure I forgot something, so ask me what ever you want to know. Even if it's not about the truck, I'll make up an answer for you.




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