88 GMC Jimmy 69k orig miles

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    Ok, I have decided to part with my 88 Jimmy as I no longer have time for it. I bought it before I completed my undergrad and thought I would have more time for it. Working full time and working on my post grad isn't leaving much time for anything else. So here it is, the good, bad and ugly.


    1988 Jimmy
    69k original miles with great interior.
    new paint in 2002
    TBI 350 that will give a puff of blue on start up then run clean.
    Auto trans nice and firm
    33" BFG AT with about 20k miles on them
    Warn Lock out hubs
    4:56 open diffs installed in April 03
    New Front calipers & pads @ 57K
    New Headlights
    New shift kit
    professionally replaced rear floor by tailgate
    Working rear window
    cold A/C
    New 5000 lb hidden hitch spring of 04
    New Rear drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, spring kit, and master cylinder 2 months ago (basically a whole new brake system)
    New wheel bearings a month ago
    New Upper and lower ball joints and passenger tie rod end a month ago
    New exhaust w/ banks muffler 3 months ago
    New CD player and 4 new speakers in April of 03
    Bottom line is the truck run and drives great! I drove it from northern Minnesota down to Columbus Mississippi pulling a 3500lb trailer with out any problem and got 13mpg doing it.

    The Bad:

    Rust. The bottom of the rocker panels is rusted pretty bad and the paint has 2 quarter size bubbles.

    Busted Cruz Control

    Dash has had one of the plastic overlays put on.

    Front passenger axle seal just started to leak after I had the ball joints and wheel bearings replaced.

    Old seals that have been sitting for most of there life. Truck doesn't leak oil or trans fluid but its just wet.

    The ugly:

    She will need a new rear ring and pinion and spider gears. Caught traction pulling out of a dirt road and that was all she wrote. Still drives but they are missing a few teeth. Managed to shoot a piece through the diff cover so that’s now bad as well.

    As for the price. I have three options

    #1 $3600 OBO, as is
    #2 $3600 OBO, plus the cost for me to have the rear end fixed
    #3 $4400 OBO, with the brand new disk break equipped 14 bolt FF w/4.56 that is sitting ready to install in my garage.

    Pictures upon request. PM me or e-mail me at Gen1fbodys@hotmail.com for any questions.


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