'89 Chevy extended cab 4x4 parts truck

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by mountainexplorer, Jun 14, 2004.

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    \'89 Chevy extended cab 4x4 parts truck

    It's an '89 Chevy 3500 1-ton 4x4 IFS front extended cab parts truck. It has a straight 8' bed, cab and doors, and front fenders. The front core support and hood are bad from the front end hitting a pole.

    No motor, but it looks what appears to be a TH400 tranny and drivers side drop T-case. The rear end looks like a 14 bolt FF. It also has a 3" body lift. Seats are gone. Its the complete rolling truck minus motor and interior for $1100.

    I have no clue if its worth that or not, but its what my friend asked me to sell it for. It loooks to me like it would be worth putting together.

    Call Greg at (509)220-1727

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