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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blayzinblk89, Oct 12, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, newby with a question here...

    The front end on my Blazer has developed some increasingly disturbing squeaks and chatters. I parked it a couple weeks ago after getting her up on a lift and decided it's time to put her under the wrench.

    What I'm looking for is a list and some advice on parts, manufacturers, suppliers, etc...

    I plan on replacing ball joints, U-joints, bearings, etc...

    a) are there any other wear items you guys would recommend replacing while im in there

    b) are there any suppliers or manufacturers locally or on the net that you would recommend, weighing both cost and quality.

    c) I have a decent supply of tools, any special tools needed?

    d) any advice and or tips welcome

    I live in the mountains at least 30 minutes(40 min from one I trust) from the nearest parts store so I would like to collect everything i need to do this as efficiently as possible. I figure by the time I get there, find what i need, head back, stop at the watering hole for a quick one, you get the drift... I'll lose half a day. Not to mention more than likely my help.

    I'm hoping with your help within a week or two I should have a comprehensive list of parts, suppliers, tools and tips.

    It's an 89 K5 Blazer, 6" suspension, 35x12.5x15, 350 w/auto.

    Daily driver, limited/occasional off road.

    thanks ahead folks!


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