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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stiches, Dec 15, 2005.

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    Hey i think i found a small soulation to my heater core problem....instead of always wipping off the windows every few seconds...I was talkin to my pops and he said i could just run the radiator hose staight to the block and by pass the heatercore....but i wont have the defroster...doesent bother me
    1. but is there any downsides besides no heat? i notice i tend to ride a little hotter then reguleer...but other then that i actullay have "water" in the radiator instead of a pool on the passanger side floorboard

    2. does anybody have any pictures they could e-mail me of their engine bay so i can see what a semi stock/semi custome one looks like to get some ideas?

    3. betwen the fender and the front area's bottom is all rusted out...does any company make a decent lookin front fenders/front end?
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    There was just another thread on this I think.
    You can connect the hoses together bypassing the core, or just remove the hoses and plug the outlets with pipe plugs.
    There is no adverse effect, other than you won't have have heat.

    Sheel metal parts are available from many places.
    YOu can find NOS on eBay, or even still at the dealer, depending on the part, I like www.shermansparts.com, many many other places have sheet metal for our rigs too.

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