Accessory brackets for 1984 Blazer

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Thunderstruck, Nov 4, 2005.

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    We are replacing a 305 with a 350 in a 1984 blazer with AC. We are not reinstalling the EGR air pump. Does anyone have a diagram or help for the accessory bracket installation? I could use some help to save a ton of time. It has been a while since we pulled the 305 and I can not remember how the brackets go back. Thanks in advance. :o

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    egr pump?...whats that? :confused:

    i think you ment that your not installing the smog pump, other wise known as the air pump?...because the egr is a valve that goes on your intake.

    so if you are indeed talking about the smog pump, i'll try and help ;)

    i took the smog pump off of my 350 in my 82k5...assumeing that there is no major difference between the '82 and '84....

    the smog pump had its own bracket, and it was bolted to the lower left side (as you stand facing the front of the engine) under the alt. the alt is on the upper left side, and the brakets attach to the water pump and the intake, on the upper right side is the ac compressor, the brackets for that mount to the exhaust manifold, and front of the engine/water pump. then below that is the power steering pump wich attaches to the front bolt on the exhaust manifold, and also to the front of the block..

    at least thats how mine are installed....i its pouring outside and i don't want to go run out there and look. but i'm pretty sure this is how it is on mine.

    if i am wrong someone will pipe up and let you know..
    hope this helps.

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