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    I also have an Acoustic Research speaker set, AR303 mains, AR205VC center, and AR218 surrounds. High end stuff, cost me almost $1500 back in the mid 1990s... sell the entire set for $550 or just the mains for $475. These speakers are great for movies, and unlike cheesy home-theater-in-a-box speakers, they absolutely rock for music too. They are 3 way bookshelf speakers, the mains have 12" woofers and weigh over 65 pounds each. They are built for serious sound. Don't bother unless your amp can push atleast 100 true watts per channel, 150-250 would be even better but I used 125w Marantz monoblocks and they sounded great with them.

    Interested? lemme know, I can snap some pics if you need them.


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