adapter put ford 205 behind 700r or TH350, 205 included, $800

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by Trevor, Aug 20, 2004.

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    This came from a chevy conversion van with a high pinion ford 44 in front. It is an adapter to mate the ford 205 to a turbo 350 or 700r4. There is a spacer that comes out to make up for the different shaft lengths. That adapter is all steel, and has a spud shaft coupler that goes between the two shafts. Also included is a ford 205. As all ford 205's are, it has a 31 spline input, and 32 spline outputs. Would work perfect in a blazer running a ford high pinion axle. I also have a f-250 ford high pinion 44 that would bolt right in to a chevy. $800 for the adapter and t-case. e-mail

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