Air in abs mod 91 k1500

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    So as the title says I have air in my abs module on my dd I talked to a friend of a friend who worked for a gm dealership. And I told him the symptoms with the truck which are... extremely stiff pedal, long braking distance ( pretty much fills like my semi when loaded..), and slow rebound on brake pedal when applied.
    So I talked to my buddies friend and told me when I replaced my rear wheel cylinders I let air into the system. Which made its way to the ABS modulator and told me there is no other way than to use a scan tool to bleed the system. So the next day I called my local GM dealership and I was quoted 278.00$$$! HOLY SHIT!!! :angry1::what:
    So guestion is do I have to take it to GM or is there a way I can do this in my driveway?

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