Alternative to chrome bumper?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 13lazer, Oct 22, 2005.

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    :confused: i have a question about chrome. i live in california and every piece of chrome i have gotten in the last 10 years is garbage. I dont know for sure but i suspect environmental restrictions have something to do with it. I refuse to spend anymore money on chrome around here. My uncle has a 63 falcon sprint that has been outside and rarely washed since the early 80's. if the chrome bumpers are not original ford, they were rechromed before 1980 and they are beautiful. I am about to start the bodywork and paint portion of my 3 project vehicles and I'm wondering if i can ship these 6 bumpers out of state for a decent chrome job. I am a welding inspector so i am familiar with fabrication processes. Is it possible to form some 316 stainless sheet steel into blazer bumpers? has anyone else tried this? i'm sure it will be expensive, but at $200/bumper for chrome that peels off in less than a year. Expensive is a relative term if the bumpers remain shiney. I would like to hear opinions or suggestions, i might paint the bumpers on my '66 mustang white just so i can complain about how crappy chrome is nowadays when i go to the swap meet. :screwy:
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    Not entirely what you are thinking of, but have you looked at LMC's new bumpers they are offering?

    These are the triple plating process that you are supposed to do when you chrome plate metal, but I know that the cheap stuff isn't triple plated, they skip one of the metals IIRC.

    I can't vouch for anything other than what they say about the things, but it sounded fairly impressive for an aftermarket piece at that price. Not like they are trying to sell them or anything. :rolleyes:

    One thing I've noticed (at least on GM's) is that the bumpers come apart from the backside because they are unplated/unpainted there. If I got new bumpers I'd paint the backside at the very least.

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