Another longer front spring ?

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    I see how using the rear 52"&56" rear spring up front gives a softer ride and better flex.

    I have set of stock Ford Highboy springs that I am thinking about using.
    They look to be good for at least 4" of lift and are 53" long with 5/8" spring eye bolts. 2 3/4" thick with two 1/2" and three 3/8" leaves.

    Does that sound like too stiff a spring even though it is longer than stock?
    They definately look to be able to hold up a winch

    Kinda lookin for some feedback as I don't want to ream the front hanger holes to 5/8" and find out they ride and flex like a pair of railroad ties. :laugh:

    I could just use the 52" ones when I swap em out for the 56" but the HB springs are designed as a front spring and will move the axle 2" foward which will help with the large tire low lift combo.

    I suppose leaves could be taken out and a zero rate leaf could be installed but what sounds better, removing the three 3/8" ones leaving the two 1/2" and a 1" zero rate or one 1/2" and two 3/8" and a zero rate?

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