Another Rear Window Problem

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Kiqman, Jun 6, 2005.

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    I have an 89 k5 with the power slider in the tailgate. The dash switch makes the window go up and down just fine. It's time for a lube but it works. The problem is that the tailgate release handle has broken free and thus I have to pull off the tailgate's access cover and pull on the two bars inside the gate to open it. In addition, when I try to roll the window up or down using the key in the tailgate I get nothing. Add the standard rust these tailgates often have and I've got one hardly functional gate - my wife can't even open it because she can't pull the two release bars hard enough. I'm wondering if I can fix the handle on the inside and the key actuator on the outside. It sure would be nice to have a tailgate that the wife can operate. Shouldn't the key function work if the dash function works? Has anyone tried to repair one of these busted gate release handles? I'm wondering if I shouldn't just switch to a full-manual gate from an older k5!?!
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    Is the handle busted or bent. Mine was bent really bad and it wound't actuate the two bars. Removed it, bent it back, welded on a little reinforment, and good as new. There is also an adjustment on the actuator, but that wouldn't have helped in my case. It usally becomes bent when the latches get hard to release and you need to reef on it to get them to go.
    As far s athe key switch goes, dunno, I've only ever dealt with the manual version, but alot of people always say the wire gets pinched down where they enter the gate on the lower left side? Seems like it should work though if the dash one works.
    Just tear it all apart, it's not a hard job, and pretty simple when you get down to it. Once you start, you'll start seeing where your problems are.

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