Anyone built a Altenator/welder???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by diesel4me, Oct 16, 2005.

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    I've been reading websites on google again--many on building a welder from an altenator..I have a few spare altenators kicking around,and some horizontal shaft 5 hp motors(or I could run it off my 20hp Yard-Man tractor)..and I understand how to wire it up...

    I'm just wondering how good they weld,(some beads I saw on the websites looked impressive)--and more important,how long it should last..the sites sound very enthusiastic,but I have my doubts about running an altenator full fielded to get maximum voltage and amperage and dead shorting it out using it as a welder, when every book I've read on auto repair says to never ground the positive lead,or run it on an open curcuit!..I dont think it would live,but I've seen rentals at U-haul that have mopar 100 amp altenators in them!!.. :thinking:

    But I guess a lot of off roaders have them,and all the sites seem to say they work well! old miller arc welder decided to crap out,and I cant see anything wrong iside it(no bare wires,or burned areas)--it trips the breaker like its shorted--so I need another welder..I dont do much welding,but I miss having one in case I need to..and having a portable one would be nice..I need to weld our wrought iron railings on the house's porch--75' from the welder!.. :doah: and a few other projects too..

    So--anyone see one first hand,or better yet,built and used one??? --or should I buy a new Lincoln "tombstone" at Lowes for 257 bucks+ tax??..(AFTER I sell my truck to get the money that is! :( ) :ears:
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    roosevelt utah
    i havent set mine up for welding but i do have a 230 amp alt. built by a local shop. i want to buy the welder control box from premier power welder but havent got around to it they claim you dont need them but im like you and dont want to ground out my electrical system


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