Anyone ever freeze a window cable?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by goldwing2000, Jan 21, 2007.

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    No, not seize... freeze!

    Was helping a friend move yesterday and the tailgate (and the window) were going up and down all day long. On the last trip, the window just stopped working, about six inches up.
    No up, no down, no nothing. :mad:

    This is after I've already completely rebuilt the motor, regulator and tracks.

    I finished the last trip with the heater on full blast (ambient temp was somewhere in the low 20s) and sucking exhaust fumes through the back window and then headed to the gf's house. Tore the access panel off, unscrewed the cable from the motor and chucked it up in a cordless drill. Nothing moving. Hit the window button and the motor spins fine in both directions.
    Dammit. Cable or transmission or both are seized. :mad:

    Unbolted the window glass from the regulator (sure am glad I used stainless fasteners when I rebuilt it) and slid it all the way out to access the other end of the cable.

    Couldn't get the other end of the cable off (way after dark and temps in the high teens by now... plastic is stiff and fingers don't work so well), so I just took off the entire transmission, eased off the spring pressure on the regulator arms and took the whole thing in the house.
    After it warmed up enough to pull the cable off the transmission, I held it up and a bunch of water came running out the end of the cable.
    Chucked the cable back up in the cordless drill, stuck the transmission back on the end of it and, sure enough, it was all spinning freely.

    Damn ice. :mad:

    Bolted the window back onto the regulator and slid it up by hand (spring pressure will keep it up). Now I have to put it all back together.


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