Anyone know where I can buy individual bushings for an Energy Body Mount kit?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mofugly13, Mar 20, 2005.

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    I was at Truckfest, sponsored by 4WPW last weekend and at the energy suspension booth, I bought a body mount set for my 73 K5. 4WPW did not have it in stock in my area, so they said they'd ship it free from So. Cal. I got it about two days later and was stoked. So yesterday, i go to put it in. I jacked up one side of the body and started from the front. When I got to the #3 position, I saw that the old rubber bushing I took out, was about twice as tall as the poly bushing I was supposed to replace it with. So I look at the box, they sent me a kit for 78-80, instead of the 73-77 kit. DOH! When I bought it the guy at the booth circled the pn in the catalog for me, and I just went up to the counter and told the 4WPW guy to gimme one of these, and pointed to the circled number. Turns out, the Energy Suspension guy circled the wrong pn and I didn't bother to double check, so I got the wrong set. It apears to me that the only difference in the two kits is the #3 mounts. I need to swap these wrong bushings, 2 for each side, or just buy the right ones individually. I am still trying to find my reciept, but the fault is really mine for not double checking the pn that the energy rep circled. What can I do? I have the K5 in the driveway with the one side of the body still jacked up, waiting for the right bushings. I would take the whole thing back to 4WPW and try to exchange it for the right one, but I have already greased and installed the front two mounts, and opened up the bag of hardware, and from what I hear 4WPW customer service SUCKS. Anyone know if I can buy individual bushings anywhere? I think I know what numbers I need, as the instructions that came in the box were for the correct body mount set, and it has the bushing numbers on it.

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