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Atlas4 in a K5 - Clocking position???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Greg72, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Greg72

    Greg72 "Might As Well..." Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mar 5, 2001
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    602 Days to BB2018
    I'm trying to put together an order for an Atlas4 for the 1st Gen. (Behind a TH400)

    There are about a dozen options that I have to specify when I place the order, so it's not as simple as I thought (flange vs. yokes, case rotation, speedometer hookup, Cable vs. std shifters, etc)

    The one I'm most concerned with now is the rotation. Like everyone, I'd like to clock it flat (if possible) but I'm not sure how badly that will interfere with the passenger floor. The clocking seems to be accomplished with the machined "ring" on the input side of the Atlas, so potentially even if I guess completely WRONG, I could get a new ring with different rotation options???

    If there's someone who has done the Atlas installs before, please chime in. I know there's a long lead-time for these boxes and I'd like to get my order in the queue.....but I also need to understand how this clocking will work (or not work) to make my selection....

  2. juanblzer

    juanblzer 1/2 ton status

    Sep 12, 2001
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    Chandler, Arizona
    Man, I would love a cable shifted atlas. Imagine a cable shifter (art carr type for the trans) and a cable shifter for the t-case. Then the mounting options are not limited to the floor. They can be mounted to the cage. That will get them off of the floor and that's good if you are cutting an opening for the clocked t-case.
  3. CDA 455

    CDA 455 3/4 ton status

    Jun 2, 2006
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    43rd State
    Make sure you do a write up when you do the install!
  4. jekbrown

    jekbrown I am CK5 Premium Member GMOTM Winner Author

    May 19, 2001
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    Vancouver, WA, USA
    good question for the pir8 crowd... eleventy billion times more Atlases over yonder. I don't personally know a single ck5 that owns one. :(

  5. Chaddy

    Chaddy 1/2 ton status GMOTM Winner

    May 23, 2005
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    Salt Lake City,Utah
    He is running a 700r4 with an atlas2
  6. DPI

    DPI 1/2 ton status

    Jun 22, 2000
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    In the Burbs close to Tulsa, OK
    On the 700R4 setup, there is an additional 1" spacer ring that gives a little more flexibility in clocking the case. There are two sets of holes drilled for the install of the ring to the tranny... The spacer is used on the 700R4 with the same adaptor as the T350. I'm not sure about the T400. Most of the adjustment is in the case itself where the studs are installed. Ordering the flat clocking option has these holes drilled differently than the standard clocking option.

    I ordered my Atlas II with the option of flat clocking. However, with this option, I can't clock it down as much as I would like and have a steep front output u-joint angle.

    The front shaft had to be shortened a couple inches which compounded the extreme u-joint angle.

    I did have to clearence the body by cutting the floor pan. Then I built my crossmember using a rubber mount. I made the mistake of switching to a poly mount and not rechecking my case to body clearence. The first trip out, I jump a log and the body came down and hit the case. It actually stripped the mounting holes out of the back of the 700R4, I was lucky, I have read a few post on Pirate about breaking the back of the tranny off... I am running the factory rubber body bushings with no body lift.

    The positives with flat clocking are more ground clearence and break-over angle and with the case rotated flatter, there is less driveshaft to tranny pan clearence issues.

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