autolite = ac delco ??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by R72K5, Jul 5, 2005.

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    very interesting...

    I usually use AC plugs,but I have had good results with #26 Autolites in many of my Chevy I know why!..It does not suprise me to find out one plant makes several brands of Champ oil filters,and Purolator,they make several other "brand names",but the are all from the same prodution facility..(Purolator makes "Group 7" oil filters,and Champ makes "Luberefiner",among others...There has been so many "buyouts" of large corperations that only a few large companies now control a lot of the parts industry..

    I got about 500 new spark plugs free when a friends garage was sold,and the new owner gave away most of the stock leftover on the parts shelves...most were for cars in the 60's and 70's,but there were some R45ts style plugs mixed in..didn't have to buy plugs for a few years!..but many of them got wet,and were rusty,and I had to wire wheel the threads before I could install them..

    They were "MIGHTY" brand,a Jehovas Witness owned company that "makes" auto parts...while cleaning them on the wire wheel,I noticed it said "AC SPARK PLUG DIVISION" on the steel threaded shell portion of the plug!~--yet it had "MIGHTY" printed on the porcelain,with mighty's part # on it! I guess sometimes you never know WHAT your buying anymore!..many wolves in sheeps clothing out there in the auto parts world... :crazy:

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