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    All of these are out of fullsize trucks, Blazers, or Suburbans.

    I have three 4x4 700R4s that have smoked clutches (wouldn't go past first gear) but would be good for cores. Pretty sure none of them have broken hard parts as all of them have cooked fluid. One is 82, one is 83, and one is 86 vintage. $100/each

    I have one 4x2 700R4 that works in reverse and the forward gears slip but still moves when cold. Out of an 87C10. $100

    I have three 4x4 TH350s. One of these is lockup but I forget which one. One in unknown condition, one spit fluid out the input seal but still shifted fine, and one worked when pulled. $100 for the first two and $150 for the "worked when pulled". One of them is a K-case.

    I have two 4x2 TH350s. One is 6" output and the other one is 9" but I forget which of the two transmissions works. $100/each.

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